Blogging guidelines

  • Keep it relevant – AccountingWEB is primarily a community for accounting and finance professionals.
  • Do not post more than one blog per week. Anything above this will be considered spamming and you could have your blogging rights revoked.
  • Don’t self-promote – As with the rest of the site, the rules regarding promotion and advertising still apply in blogs. Any content deemed excessively self-promotional may be removed without warning by the moderation team.
  • Keep it on the site – Please don’t link to blogs / articles elsewhere without any supporting content. You must have the express permission to reproduce content from other sources and always be sure to include references and attribution notes for any relevant information.
  • Follow the rules - Be sure to remember that all of the rules that apply elsewhere on the site are also valid for blogs. Any violations of the community rules can result in posts being removed without warning by the moderation team.
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