Community DOs and DON'Ts

  • Please stay on topic. Off-topic threads and comments are to be kept in the relevant sections such as the Time Out & Born Dull?! discussion groups.
  • Please do not post personal comments towards other members that could be interpreted as offensive or inflammatory. These will not be tolerated and will be moderated/deleted.
  • If you feel provoked by what you consider to be a personal comment, please try not to respond. Please contact the moderators who will deal with this.
  • Please also alert the moderator to anything you find offensive or abusive. We will deal with it in accordance with these rules. To alert the moderator click on the ‘Report’ link on the appropriate comment send a message including your reasons for requesting its removal.
  • Please consider the intonation of your postings when you write them and understand that interpretation of the written word can be subjective. You could offend someone without meaning to if they misinterpret your tone. Be mindful of this before you click 'submit'.
  • Please do not create multiple user accounts. This will result in the additional accounts being removed and deleted from the site. From time to time we may have to verify accounts that we believe may be duplicates or attempts to circumvent ongoing bans from the site.
  • Please avoid political, religious, racial or other such emotive topics which you could sensibly predict will provoke and offend other members.
  • When we remove a post on the site, or an entire thread, we will endeavour to explain why, both to the community and to the individual although we may not have the time to contact the member directly through private message.
  • Please do not complain or comment on this moderation policy in the Any Answers forum or any of the discussion groups. We will address any questions, comments or complaints by email or Private Message. reserves the right to remove any material from the Any Answers forum without warning or notice as we see fit or if contravenes these rules and guidelines. reserves the right to remove or disable or block member accounts based on any behaviour which contravenes these rules and guidelines.

Sift Media reserves the right to enforce any ban across all of our online publications at the discretion of our moderation team.

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